Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-People keep reconsidering their job and career choices—and online learning platform Coursera is looking to help guide them with a new campaign from creative agency Callen. One spot, “Moving On,” opens to a guy at the moment he realizes—through his talking sandwich—that he might be ready for something new and better. He envisions getting a master’s degree from Michigan and starting a non-profit and becoming a “pegasus of hope.”

A second spot, “Nerves,” takes viewers on a journey through an internal pep talk with Sarah, between the time her name is called for an interview and when she arrives at the office door.


-Droga5 is expanding southward, opening its first office in Latin America, Droga5 São Paulo.

Eric Toda, the global head of social at Meta, writes about how marginalized communities can utilized their shared momentum to forge a path to diversity in the industry.

-Madbird, a hot design agency that lured in dozens of employees but turned out to be fake, has given the creative industry its own online scam and serves as a cautionary tale.

-Want a free snake? Just buy 100,000 cases of Archer Roose canned wine and company CCO Elizabeth Banks promises you’ll get that snake delivered to your home.

-With $6.1 million of investment, ad-tech platform Gold-Loop intends to expand internationally with new offices opening in New York and Chicago.

-Retailer PacSun has released what it calls a “metaverse experience” that includes VR, AR, livestreaming and a video game.