Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Fast-growing pet brand Playology Pets is showing how engaging its scented dog toys are with its latest ad from BigEyedWish. In “He’s Just Not That Into You” we see a woman crying her eyes out, heartbroken because her dog pays more attention to its Playology toy than her.

-Adweek has learned that CPB has lost key clients and Fruit of the Loom.


-Another longtime high-ranking Facebook executive is out the door as Carolyn Everson, vice president of the company’s global business group, revealed her departure after 10 years.

-Eight months since landing in the U.S., Australian and New Zealand independent agency Special Group is rapidly expanding in the Americas with 17 new hires over the past few months.

Wieden+Kennedy Portland has recruited Ana and Hermeti Balarin, the widely celebrated executive creative directors of Mother London.

-IPG is implementing what it calls an “ambitious climate action plan” to battle climate change.

-Father’s Day is coming soon, and three-time dad and Aviation Gin owner Ryan Reynolds has unveiled his brand’s themed cocktail for the holiday: The Vasectomy.

-Not everyone in the U.S. will be able to experience the harmonious and sexual melodies of the Brood X Cicada, which have emerged after 17 years to mate, make lots of noise, and return to the ground for another 17 years. Kentucky for Kentucky is making sure those who want to can hear the cacophonous mating call, with the Hot Wet Cicada Buzzline. Just dial 1-855-883-8663 to see what all the buzz is about. A website gives more information and has a nifty cicada tee shirt for sale.

Let Me Hear Y’all Make Some Noise cicada shirt.