Thursday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Zambezi kicked off a big marketing push Traeger Grills with a 60-second “Pied Piper” broadcast spot (video above) directed by Tim Kendall serving as the centerpiece for a “Welcome to the Traegerhood” campaign.

-Facing his own deadline, Gary Vaynerchuk updates his pledge to hire two Black C-suite leaders, claims this time he’ll definitely hold himself accountable.

Derek Walker highlights Spotify creative director Oriel Davis-Lyons‘ founding of The One School, a 16-week portfolio school for Black creatives run in partnership with The One School for Creativity.


McDonald’s latest ads from Leo Burnett prove once again that the brand doesn’t need to use its name, or even its whole logo.

Amazon acquired Selz, an Australian ecommerce company competing with Shopify.

-Giant Spoon strategist Rachel Spenner explains how algorithm awareness is changing the rules of social.

What’s next for brand safety after 2020’s reckoning with keyword blocking?