Thursday Stir

By Mitch Reames 

-As America looks toward what promises to be a unique Fourth of July, cases of classic American lagers are sure to fill up coolers (although health officials would prefer home fridges). Budweiser, Coors and Pabst Blue Ribbon are all intrinsically marketed with Americana in some way (even though Budweiser is now majority-owned by Belgian InBev).

Up north, Canada celebrated its independence day yesterday, and Molson Canadian wanted to make sure that celebration is reflected in the country’s coolers.

On paper, the stunt from Rethink is a unifying activation. A new case showcases a rainbow of other beer brand logos spelling out Canada almost like a ransom note. A 30-second spot also gives a shout out to the pioneers of Canadian beer.


Throughout the pandemic, which has been polarizing for alcohol brands, Molson Canadian gave out gift cards to people who participated in branded virtual happy hours.

While the response seems to be positive, Reddit commenters in /r/Beer weren’t as happy.

“This campaign so far has only amounted to a clever publicity stunt,” wrote /u/thatschate. “None of the smaller canadian (sic) brewers were briefed or consented to this campaign, the logistics have not been determined.”

Molson says the campaign came together in a matter of nine days. With influencers, a 30-second spot, a social media push and a unique case, Molson either had a previous concept or a passionate push to make the Canadian Case a reality. However, a little over a week certainly doesn’t give a ton of time to figure out logistics.

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