Thursday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Oddly satisfying cup stacking from Yeti and the brand’s in-house team. The spot features champion paddler Lauren Spalding against World Sport Stacking champ William Polly. It’s silly. And we could use more of that, lately.

-Barkley was named lead brand agency for Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado. The Boulder outpost of the shop is handling brand positioning and creative strategy for the property.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with an iconic brand like Copper Mountain Resort,” said Jason Parks, chief growth officer for Barkley. “At a time when the travel and tourism industry has been deeply impacted, it is vital to take a holistic, whole brand approach to our work together, finding ways to infuse creativity and purpose into every guest interaction.”


-Los Angeles agency Battery is offering free advertising services for struggling small businesses. To qualify for “An Idea for L.A.”:

  1. It must be a local business.
  2. Family/employee-owned and operated.
  3. Actively involved in giving back to the community.

And there’s an essay contest: In 500 words or less describe your business, the challenges it faces and how you think your business can benefit from a strong marketing push. Battery will review submissions, and if it’s a fit, they will be in touch.

It’s a little vague, but we like the sentiment of trying to help. All submissions go here:

“We’ve all staked our own careers and livelihoods on the power of creativity to solve big problems,” said Philip Khosid, CCO at Battery. “So we’re stepping up to pay it forward to the city that gave us the opportunity to build the business of our dreams, with the one thing we know works. Because we get it.”

-W+K and Three (the U.K. telecom) call it quitsville after 10 years together.

Donald Trump vs. Twitter is gonna heat up.

A pirate radio station brings seniors across the country together.

Donut election.

-It’s an interesting article on women and the future of b-to-b sales, but we can’t figure out the stock art used.