Thursday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Thursday already? That means you have to get out there and pick up that special something for your special someone before it’s Saturday and you have to take the kids to basketball or lie in bed all day and be too lazy to run out. Here’s today’s other news.

&#151 No more radio advertising via Google. They had that? link

&#151 The FTC is putting y’all on notice about behavioral advertising. link

&#151 Leave outgoing DDB CCO Lee Garfinkel’s mustache out of your comments about how much you dislike him. link

&#151 Starbucks may introduce a soluble coffee. What, like coffeemate? link

&#151 There are two more contenders in the $580 mil. Home Depot review. link

&#151 The Obamas are a brand’s best friend. link

&#151 If DirectTV Buys SiriusXM and no one’s around to hear it, does radio still matter? link

&#151 For the love, can we PLEASE ban Valentine’s Day? link