Thursday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Euro RSCG alum Zain Raj lands at SolutionSet, takes on president/COO post. link

-Omincom-owned Fathom hired Bob Raczka as ACD/copywriter and Mark Wiegard as ACD/art director in its Chicago office. link

-David & Goliath celebrates Lance Burton’s Vegas show at the Monte Carlo with a “lady sawed in half” airport installation (above).

-Santa Monica-based shop The Phelps Group added ex-Doner creative DJ Grimes as interactive AD.

-Carrot Creative is taking on Vayner Media in b-ball next week. link

-Lance Armstrong falls victim to bad ad placement. link

-Google drops Google Wave. link

-The IAB examines consumer advertising effectiveness research. link

-U.K. agency Sell, Sell takes a somewhat different approach with its website. link

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