Thursday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

Blake Shelton refuses to take off his pants in OKRP’s latest for Gildan (video above).

-The Great British Diversity Experiment suggests that agencies should consider scrapping the creative director role. We’re guessing some of you have opinions about that.

Johannes Leonardo managing director John McCarthy has stepped down from his full-time position after 6+ years to focus on a book he has been writing. He continues to work with the agency as a consultant.


-Spotify is now letting brands sponsor its most popular playlists

-Mars is planning a third consecutive Super Bowl spot for Snickers.

-The Drum talks with Oculus co-founder Dillon Seo about the future of VR.

Are you a student with questions about advertising?! Paul Caiozzo‘s agency Office of Baby will launch a weekly #feedbackfriday event on Facebook tomorrow.

Won’t someone think of the influencers? Too late, Digiday already did.