FCB Lisbon Creates ‘The Fat Stencil’ to Warn Consumers About IRL Fat Content

By Erik Oster 

FCB Lisbon came up with a way to show people that “Some foods contain more fat than we think,” using a “Fat Stencil.”

So what is a fat stencil? The agency worked with a screen printer, who found another use for the oil needed to prepare a pizza that looks like Dominos circa last week. Said screen printer then pressed a poster reading, “This poster was made with the fat from a fast food pizza” and “Look for healthier food choices.”

Normally a poster telling you to “Look for healthier food choices” would be pretty easy for people to ignore. But FCB Lisbon’s stunt grabs attention by being kind of gross.

If you read the poster and consider the amount of fat used to create it, and then consider that fat entering your body after you consume the food in question, that’s the kind of thing that just might get people to actually change their eating habits for a hot second. Simple, but potentially effective. It’s also an idea that could easily be extended to a range of other foods. We’re not sure we even want to see what a cheeseburger would look like.


Agency: FCB Lisbon
Client: ADEXO
Creative Directors: Luís Silva Dias / Edson Athayde
CW: Victor Afonso, Viton Araújo
AD: Eduardo Tavares
Producer: César Monteiro
Production Company: Quioto Films
Director: Joana Faria
Account Director: Carlos Baptista
Account Executive: Andreia Martins