Thursday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Not quite as funny as some of the stuff from Harmon Brothers, but there are a few chuckles in this ad for wood pellet grill brand Traeger. And it’s safe to say that we’ve been to cookouts where the food tastes like 90-octane gas.

-New U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson’s government is earmarking £100m for a no-deal Brexit campaign … which is meant to calm nerves about leaving the EU. The agency beneficiary of such ridiculous largesse is Engine. God save not only the Queen, but everyone else there.


-Other things British. Saatchi & Saatchi’s MD is headed to an indie.

The pitch process is broken. Well … yeah.

-Two of Australia’s newspapers refused to publish a casino ad. Crown Resorts claims that they were treated unfairly in coverage of their links to organized crime and money laundering. Maybe try not doing that next time?

-A phallic cactus was perfectly fine for the MTA in New York, but sex toys are not? “Approved, Not Approved” is a new platform from competitors Dame Products and Unbound calling out ad approval hypocrisy.

-Sherpa Marketing founder Lee Nadler is the new board chair of the Ad Club of New York.

-Radio. Remember that? It plays a big role in “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.”