This BBDO ACD Wants to Help You Find a Job

By Minda Smiley 

Here’s a little bit of positive news to start off the new year.

You may have heard, read about or even been interviewed by Matthew Low, the creator of Bouncing Back, a podcast and video series that gives people who’ve been laid off in the advertising industry the chance to “sell themselves to recruiters and employers,” as he puts it.

Low is an associate creative director at BBDO who started the podcast when the pandemic began, and layoffs started to hit agencies.


He recently shared with us that out of the 80 episodes he’s done to date, roughly 40% of participants have been hired. Low tells us he’s looking to spread the word and continue the series, so if you’re job hunting and looking for fresh ways to get your name out there, you just might be in luck.

You can check out past episodes on Spotify and on his website.

In December, Low penned a piece for Muse by Clio that detailed some things he’s learned since starting the series. Last year, Bouncing Back won in the podcasting category at The Side Show, an awards program honoring side projects and hustles.

Below is one of his recent episodes, which features Elina Rudkovsky.