They Don’t Always Get Haircuts, But When They Do, Musicians Prefer Supercuts

By Kiran Aditham 

Apparently, one person thought this campaign was so “amazing” that they had to flood our tips box about it. Anyhow, Chicago’s Element 79 is behind a new effort for longtime client Supercuts called, yes, “Rock the Cut,” which aims to show off the chain’s relationship with the music community via broadcast/digital executions. The spot above features a band called Vintage Trouble, a dapper troupe who apparently feel much more at ease in rocking the crowd after getting their hair did by a Supercuts stylist.  It’s not just rock ‘n roll, though, that takes center stage in the “Rock the Cut,” which also spotlights artists in country, electronic and indie circles.

According to the parties involved, the interview portions of the Supercuts spots were shot over five days by director Barney Miller in Long Beach, CA and were completely unscripted in order to maintain what Element 79 is calling that “real people” feel. We’re not sure if this project entices us to visit a Supercuts again, but what the hell, we have a coupon, so why not take a chance. Check out another spot starring DJ Ken Loi as well as credits after the jump.


Advertising Agency: Element 79 / Chicago
Executive Creative Director: Canice Neary
Creative Director: Chris Laubach
Art Directors: Ryan Bloecker, Dan Cosgrove
Copywriters: Tim Cerullo, Prashant Nashi
Agency Producer: Michael Gabriele
Print Producer/Art Buyer: Jennifer Niccum
Digital Direction: Tom Napper, Ryan Carlos, Brad Simpson, Ashley Wohl

Production Company: DETOX
Director: Barney Miller
DP: David Lanzenberg
Executive Producer & Line Producer: Rachelle Madden

Print Director/Photographer: John Boehm

Editing House: Hooligan NYC
Senior Editor: Barney Miller
Co-Editors: Jordan Green and Erin Bowser
EP: Sue Wladar

Telecine: Nice Shoes/Lez Rudge
FC Color: Matt Rosenblum