Kohl’s Store Sizzles with Cast of ‘Q-VIVA,’ J. Lo, Marc Anthony

By Bob Marshall 

Kohl’s Q’VIVA Sizzle from Mustache on Vimeo.

If you’re a loyal viewer of Univision or frequently find yourself watching copious amounts of FOX on Saturday nights, you’ve no doubt heard of the TV talent show, Q’Viva! The Chosen. If you’re not one of these people, here’s the deal: Separated celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, along with concert director Jamie King, travel to 21 different Latin American countries to find “The Chosen,” an undiscovered talent better than the rest. And, yes, having a recently split couple debate with each other on TV is exactly as awkward as you imagine it to be.


In addition to starring on the show, Lopez and Anthony also both recently released clothing lines at Kohl’s department stores, an obvious branding opportunity led by brand new digital agency, Mustache. Kohl’s gave Q’Viva! contestants a shopping spree at their Los Angeles store, where salsa dancers, singers and the like updated their own wardrobe as well as picked up some J. Lo and Marc Anthony branded clothing for their loved ones. Says Jeff Cambron, who started Mustache with some film production friends in January (he previously consulted for the Barbarian Group on projects like the  “Ad Agency Bloodline” infographic), “Alongside last week’s announcement of an American Idol line in Kohl’s stores , this is yet another example of how Kohl’s is becoming a big part of the pop culture conversation.”

Say what you will, but I’d probably shop at Kohl’s a bit more if people were salsa dancing around the store. Learn more about this shopping sizzle here.