The Surviving Member of Milli Vanilli Tells KFC About ‘Being Real’

By Patrick Coffee 

We’ve got an odd one for you today, readers.

Seems that the ideal spokesman for KFC in The Netherlands is “Fab” Morvan, best known as one half of well-shamed late ’80s pop group Milli Vanilli.

See, he knows all about what’s real and what isn’t…and this fact is somehow related to fried chicken. As he puts it in this mini-documentary, “I was living the most unreal life you can imagine” until it all came crashing down.


So if he’d tried to quietly eat a bucket o’ wings in a KFC back in 1989, he probably wouldn’t have made it out alive.

We liked the karaoke scene and the part where shit gets real: “Because I found the real me again, those guys at KFC asked me to sing about their real chicken.”

And the rest, as they say, is advertising.

KFC senior brand manager Alexandra Huizer writes:

“The collaboration between Fab and KFC is completely in line with KFC’s ‘What’s real and what isn’t’ campaign that was launched in The Netherlands in 2015. By associating the emotional territory of ‘being real’ to the benefits of KFC products, KFC wants to trigger people to ‘choose real.'”

See, that took all of the fun out of it.

We do love us some fried chicken, and we’re glad Fab has recovered from the scandal. But we’re still pretty sure he will not be remembered as an icon of anything.


Account: Monique Lissenburg, Jantine Wigboldus
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