The Story Behind Rausch, EuroRSCG And Sprint

By SuperSpy 

EuroRSCG’s Chicago management will give staffers bonuses. Hot damn! The entire staff will receive at least $1000 with certain people receiving more based on performance. EuroRSCG normally follows a set guideline for raises and bonuses, which is stricter than most agencies. So, what’s with skipping all the paperwork? Who cares? We’re sure no one is complaining.

As for Rausch and the coup… One of, if not the biggest accounts that EuroRSCG holds is Sprint. Often, the account has run smoothly without a creative director. Postaer has stepped in where necessary, but his other responsibilities has kept him from really holding it down. They couldn’t slide over Blake Ebel because he was to busy brilliantly handling what we hear is a testy client, Citibank. Sprint was happy. The agency was turning in good work and managed to go without a group creative director for years. So why hire a group director at all? Rausch had been at DraftFCB for a short stint of six months before making this bounce to EuroRSCG, so why him?

WE HEAR that… The account people on Sprint, who had worked with him, previously, recruited Rausch. They liked him. Postaer, doing what anyone would have done, went along with it. Here’s what we know about Sprint – it’s a demanding client with non-stop, direct response projects rolling through the gates. Again, EuroRSCG had been doing a great job, so all Rausch had to do was keep it real, let the staff do their thing. Instead, Rausch recruited a creative director. He began dabbling in the business. The creative team wasn’t having it sending complaints up the food chain.

Senior management at EuroRSCG had to do something. The creative team was called in and told that Rausch had some objectives to hit, hadn’t, it wasn’t working out, blah, blah, blah. They asked Rausch and his hire to leave.

And that folks, is how senior management should respond when a new leader doesn’t mesh with a fully functioning, high-level creative team. Good luck to Rausch and bravo to the management. Sprint team? Nice fucking work.