Are You An Account Planner?

By SuperSpy 

If you are an account planner, it’s that time again. Go make your voice be heard!

“Welcome to the 4th annual Planner Survey. Please only fill out this survey if you are working as an account/brand/strategic planner. If you’re a student or a recruiter please do not take the survey, just use the second link to enter your email address to see the results. But if your are in fact working in some type of planner role please do participate no matter where you work – it could be in an agency, a consultancy, on your own, or on the client side. There is a second link that you must visit to leave your email in order to receive the results. This also keeps all responses anonymous. Thank you for participating!”

Fill it out here.

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The survey is run by Heather LeFevre, a planner turned cognitive anthropologist at CP+B. You can find out more about Heather by reading her interview with Sam Karp, but below, find out why she started this massive undertaking in the first place.

“I started the survey because it was time for my annual review and I had no idea if I was being compensated fairly. There are so many articles about women being paid 72 cents on the dollar compared to men and that women tend to take the raises and salary offers for new jobs that they are given rather
than negotiating for more. But there isn’t a good source of information on planners – TalentZoo and AdAge don’t go into the detail that I wanted. I also wanted to know how consistent title levels (junior vs planner vs senior etc) were with years of experience. I was pleased to find that women seem to be making the same as men, though a larger sample will confirm this as time goes on. I was most surprised to find that geography doesn’t seem to have a big impact on salary – i.e. It’s at least twice as expensive to live in NY as smaller markets, but New York planners are not making twice as much smaller market planners. They are all basically making the same, so in essence you as an employee “pay” a premium to work in NY.”

Don’t you love when advertising folks get off their butts and make the business a better place?