The Rising Marketer’s Guide to Deutsch NY’s Summer CAMP

By Olivia Morley 

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This is part of Adweek’s series covering fellowship programs at agencies. As agencies continue to face a talent crunch, many recent graduates or career changers are seeking a way into the industry. Here, we cover programs for entry-level marketers at top agencies. Read the full series.

Deutsch NY’s (DNY) free online creative immersion program is now accepting applications to join its Summer Creative Advertising and Media Program (CAMP). The application window closes today, July 26. Those interested in the five-day program can apply in 10 minutes or less via DNY’s open job posting.

This August marks CAMP’s third year operating. It’s a large program that included 150 students in both its 2021 and 2022 iterations.


“It literally gives access to people who wouldn’t normally get the access to a program like this,” said Val DiFebo, CEO of Deutsch NY.

Online programs like CAMP democratize learning about the advertising industry because students can dial-in to CAMP sessions from wherever they live.

The program’s large size opens up learning opportunities to more early-career marketers than could typically benefit from smaller, in-person agency internship programs.

“I think a lot of agencies have training programs so that they can fill their own talent needs,” DiFebo told Adweek. “If we can bring in a whole cohort of people who are not only interested [in advertising], but learn something about the business, we’re bolstering the industry. That’s what I love about this,” she added.

Program agenda and details

Between Monday, July 31 and Thursday, August 3, CAMP attendees can access over 100 lessons spanning advertising disciplines at DNY. The agency sources program leaders from across its various departments, including creative, design, strategy, production and media. Students also listen in to a panel discussion centered on finding early-career roles and to a Q&A session with DiFebo and DNY’s chief creative officer, Samira Ansari.

“When I was graduating, which was a long time ago, if you didn’t know someone, you couldn’t get an internship,” said DiFebo. The program provides crucial networking opportunities. The social experience comes to life on the last day of the program, when students participate in a project competition. This year, students will complete on Friday, August 4, and a team of judges (including this reporter), will later select winning student submissions.

Students receive a certificate after completing CAMP. “When you’re going to a potential employer, you can say, ‘I did this training program at Deutsch, and it’s a fully-integrated agency, etc.,'” said DiFebo.

John Ratkowiak joined the program last year from Hawaii, where he’d relocated after wrapping up his first agency experience in L.A. “I was really looking to get access to the New York market,” he told Adweek. “I could tell from the start, and then from being a CAMPer, how intentional [DNY employees] were about setting up these sessions,” he added. Now, Ratkowiak is an art direction intern at BBDO.

TLDR: Check out program details, including how to apply, in our Q&A with DNY’s CAMP leaders below. Responses have been lightly edited for clarity and style.

When did DNY found the program?

The program began in 2021, when Covid-19 closed many doors for students and recent grads.

How many students do you welcome to CAMP each year?

There is no limit to the number of interns that we accept. To participate in this program, all that we ask of our interns is to have access to wifi capability, in order to join the online classes. At Deutsch NY, we recognize that sometimes, due to lack of resources (i.e. first generation collegiate career, affordable housing, limited time, etc.), many opportunities and learning experiences can be harder to reach without the proper mentoring/knowledge of the industry. CAMP is all about breaking those barriers, making this industry a more accessible space for all. 2021: over 150; 2022: over 150.

How long is CAMP?

One week. Our five day program is from Monday, July 31 to Friday, August 4th. We run for between three to four hours per day, with schedules provided in advance. This allows students to schedule around other obligations, such as work. While CAMP is an online virtual program, the DNY office will be open on Thursday, August 3 to allow those who may be able to travel the opportunity to connect IRL, network and still attend the day’s programming.

Does CAMP cost anything?

Deutsch NY’s Summer CAMP is a free educational program for those interested in learning about the different departments and opportunities available in the industry—it is not an apprenticeship or internship program. CAMP provides a great foundation for anyone interested in getting their foot into the creative industry.

What percentage of students receive full-time offers by the end of the program?

To date, we’ve hired three CAMPers—one in media, and two in account management. One of the hires in account management was also in the midst of changing careers.

What percentage of your your most recent cohort are historically underrepresented?

2022 class: 75% of interns were ethnically diverse and 65% identified as women.

Is a college degree required for this program?

No. We encourage anyone interested in exploring the industry to apply—we have had college students, recent grads and career changers attend CAMP.

How long is the application process from start to finish?

This application process takes 10 minutes, at most. Registrants complete an online form, which provides details and requires they answer general questions about their interests.

When is DNY recruiting its next CAMP cohort?

Applications close today, July 26. Those interested can apply to the open job posting.