Midol Playfully Sparks Conversation Around Menstrual Discomfort

By Kyle O'Brien 

Midol is known as a multi-symptom period relief medication, but even with its consumer recognition, the brand thinks there should be more conversations around period discomfort symptoms.

From backaches and bloating to sore breasts, a new campaign for Midol looks to inspire people with periods to own how they really feel. MullenLowe harnessed the iconic Midol logo and distinctive colorful packaging to feature a new, more honest take on the menstrual experience.


The brand found that 66% of people who get periods wish there was more open conversation around menstrual symptoms. The campaign, “Reach for Comfort,” uses the words of Midol consumers to reimagine the brand name. For instance, the complaint, “my cramps suck” becomes Micramps Suck, and “my boobs hurt” simply becomes Miboobs Hurt.

“With ‘my’ in our very Midol brand name, we found the idea of pairing the voice of menstruators with products to be a unique and powerful way to bring to life the brand’s multi-symptom period care offerings. This campaign pushes to normalize talking about period symptoms but more importantly, doing something about, reaching for comfort vs. powering through,” said Kelly Fanning, general manager, vp marketing for Bayer in a statement.

Through the playful package design, influencer partnerships and custom merchandise, the campaign gets candid about menstrual symptoms to inspire people with periods to prioritize comfort on their periods.

“This was one of those ideas that started as an add-on to something else. We thought, what if we took the name, “Midol” and flipped it, so the brand does the talking, and takes the onus off women? Because sometimes you just need to say, ‘Hey, today, my cramps suck!’ As it came to life, we knew it could live on its own,” said Tanya Wilson, creative director at MullenLowe in a statement.

This idea is an extension of the brand’s “Comfort is Power” platform, which launched in 2021.

“The core idea is incredibly simple, and it’s also something only Midol could do. Being able to hear the audience and use our products as a platform to voice what people are feeling, it’s brave. Huge thanks to Midol for letting us have so much fun with the language,” said Lindsei Barros, creative director at MullenLowe in a statement.