The Richards Group Goes Minimalist for Prestone

By Erik Oster 

The Richards Group’s latest campaign clearly operates under the “less is more” mantra, with a series of minimalist 15-second ads.

The campaign leans heavily on the brand’s product itself, without any bells and whistles. In “Beastly” for example, the visuals are restricted to a bottle of Prestone with an effect to make it look bulked up at one point as the voiceover says, “It’s like Prestone started working out, got buff…beasty.” Another spot, “Patented,” touts the company’s patented cor-guard inhibitors, asking who else has them before answering its own question with “Nobody…because they’re patented,” while displaying the actual patent numbers.


It’s an unusually restrained approach that emphasizes the product’s superior corrosion protection in a way that implies there’s no need for further discussion. By keeping the message simple and not dressing it up with storytelling or impressive visuals, The Richards Group hopes to lend that message a sense of authenticity.

Brand: Prestone
Campaign “New Prestone”
Initial Break Date: 9/28/14
Agency: The Richards Group
Creative Directors: Chuck Schiller and Aaron Thornton
Art Director: David Styler
Copywriter: Mike Payer
Agency Producer: Joe Childress
Production Company: 3008