The Richards Group Fires Up That Grill In Debut Campaign for Shiner Bock

By Patrick Coffee 

Average Americans: who are they?

The New York Times and other publications have spent the past two and a half years trying their damndest to figure that out, but the answer might be found on Shiner Bock’s back patio.

Spoetzl, the Texas brewery that makes Shiner, signed The Richards Group as its creative AOR late last year after a decade and a half with Austin’s McGarrah Jessee.


That Dallas shop’s debut campaign focuses on the little moments that define “Shiner Country,” most of which happen to involve the making of beef or pork delights. The first spot explores how far one man will go in the interest of his brisket.

OK, but that looked delicious.

Next we have a group of don’t-call-them-hipsters enjoying a night together in a leaky shack thanks to the company of both each other and a board game that looks like a cross between Dungeons & Dragons and Axis & Allies.

That sausage, though.

Here’s the agency’s synopsis:

“This campaign takes the tagline ‘This is Shiner Country’ and expands its meaning beyond just a little town in Texas. Shiner Country can be a stretch of beach in Padre, a fishing bridge in Louisiana, or a living room in Little Rock. It’s anyplace that’s about having a good time with good friends. Anywhere that’s about the simple, timeless, uncomplicated pleasures. In the TV spots, we simply visit a few of these places and get a look at little slices of Shiner Country.”

A solid effort playing on the good times, good friends theme that always seems to work for beer brands with some almost-McConaughey stream of consciousness narration to boot.


Agency: The Richards Group
Client: Shiner Bock
Campaign: “This Is Shiner Country”

Creative Directors: Lynda Hodge/David Canright
Art Director: Lynda Hodge
Copywriter: David Canright
Producer: Lynn Louria
Production Company: Yard Dog
Executive Producer: Joe Piccirillo
Director: Fergus Stothart
Clients: Gregor Mina, Nick Weiland
Brand Management: Pete Lempert, Tara Allison, Tori Urbanski
Post production: Charlie Uniform Tango
Executive Producer: Mary Alice Butler
Producer: Michael Wagner
Editor: Jack Waldrip
Visual/Online Artist: Joey Waldrip
Audio Engineer: Russell Smith