The Richards Group Clowns Around with the Spurs for H-E-B

By Erik Oster 

The Richards Group once again teamed up with Sugar Film Production and director Chris Smith for a lighthearted series of ads starring the San Antonio Spurs.

The new ads — “Toga,” “Slogans,” “Barbie” and “Wise” follow much the same formula as last year’s campaign, employing lighthearted, self-depreciating humor. In “Toga,” Tim Duncan returns to find Tony Parker, Patty Mills, Kawhi Leonard and Manu Ginobili so enamored with H-E-B’s Greek yogurt that they’re all decked out in togas. “Why is everyone Greek?” Duncan asks disdainfully upon seeing his teammates, before singling out Kawhi as looking particularly ridiculous. Other spots find different ways to poke fun at one or more of the Spurs players, whether its Patty Mills’ accent in “Barbie” or Kawhi reprising a line from last year in “Slogans.” Spurs fans already know what kind of goofiness to expect from the annual campaign, and The Richards Group doesn’t disappoint.


“Working with these guys, you can really tell what makes them world champions”, said Chris Smith. “Their ability to go into a huddle, takes notes and run with them—while adding their own individual flavor—makes them a lot of fun to work with each year.”


Client: H-E-B

Titles: “Barbie,” “Wise,” “Slogans,” “Toga” 4 x :30

H-E-B Group VP Advertising and Marketing: Cory Basso

H-E-B Senior Advertising Account Manager: Judi Janney

H-E-B Advertising Account Manager: Jenny Williams

Agency: The Richards Group

Brand Creative Group Head: Chris Smith

Brand Creative/Art Director: Bo McCord

Brand Creative/Copywriter: Wendy Mayes

Brand Creative/Copywriter: Brittany Sarrett

Brand Creative/Art Director: Kyle Kelley

Brand Creative/Copywriter: Steve Grimes

Brand Creative/Art Director: Kevin Reid

Director of Broadcast: Greg Gibson

Agency Producer: Debbie Koppman

Business Affairs Manager: Sara Sax

Business Affairs Manager: Devona Mayeur

Brand Management: Howard Blevins

Production Company: Sugar Film Production

Director: Chris Smith

Executive Producer: Tony Miglini

Head of Production: Michelle Isbell

Editorial: Fast Cuts

Editorial Executive Producer: Lisa Hill

Editorial Senior Producer: Barbara Sanders

Offline Editor: Jason Payne