The Persuasive Power of Studies About the Persuasive Power of Twitter and Facebook

By Matt Van Hoven 

The value of Facebook and Twitter users is the knowledge that they’re more likely to buy from some brands that they follow or are fans of. That’s the crux of a study published on eMarketer recently.

Another benefit “realized” by this study: fans/followers are more likely to recommend brands they are fans/followers of to other people. Reasons why people friend/follow brands: to get discounts, because they’re customers and they want to show their support for things they buy.

A simpler summation of this study would be that people who like brands press buttons on the internet because the action rewards them with money or pride. At least that’s what they think is happening. Coupons actually serve to rid people of money and pride in a product is maybe the falsest kind.


After the jump are charts containing results of this study, which was performed by Chadwick Martin Bailey, a “a global custom market research and consulting firm.” Also involved was iModerate. Both these companies work with businesses that market via Twitter and Facebook.

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