The One Show Campaign Uses AI to Get Nominees to Brag About Their Work

By Kyle O'Brien 

Some creatives don’t like to brag about their work, choosing a more humble path. The One Show, with the help of Not W+K, Wieden+Kennedy London’s design and branding studio, is making sure even the most modest makers can brag, with a push from AI.

Not W+K has unveiled a cheeky visual approach to the 2024 One Show awards with the launch of “The One to Brag About.” The new campaign, featuring a humorous ChatGPT-powered bot, encourages individuals not only to promote and enter The One Show, but also to celebrate juries, nominations, wins and more.


The hero piece of the concept is The One Show Brag Bot—a ChatGPT-powered brag generator on a mission to put an end to the humblebrag. The bot recognizes that entering, judging, or winning The One Show is properly worth bragging about, and provides dozens of menu options to create witty brags.

The AI tool helps judges, nominees and winners of The One Show brag about their achievements, and it’s also open to anyone, helping people brag about anything from new jobs to promotions, how hard they’re working, and even “I had that idea first.”

Not W+K was tapped by The One Club for Creativity last year to curate a fresh and creative visual identity for the award season that went beyond design aesthetics. To do so, Not W+K focused on the fact that many aren’t comfortable bragging about work or awards, but they’re certainly worth bragging about.

“Trawling through social media and looking inward, our insight was staring us in the face. We’ve all been guilty of humblebragging,” said Anika Ramani, director of branding and design, Not W+K in a statement. “Everywhere we looked, people were posting about their achievements but doing their best to make it seem nonchalant. We wanted to flip this norm on its head, have people own the brag, help people who don’t know how to brag, and give our industry a reason to celebrate.”

The Brag Bot is accompanied by a suite of videos, including a teaser film and a quick step-by-step guide on how to brag with the Brag Bot. The bot can be utilized across social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and X.

“We want to get people talking about The One Show in a way that feels fun and relatable,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club in a statement. “As an industry, we should champion the efforts that go into the world-class creativity that people, agencies, and brands put out around the world. ‘The One to Brag About’ recognizes and celebrates the fact that entering, judging, and winning at The One Show is truly something to boast about.”

Entries to The One Show 2024 can be submitted now, with fees increasing after each deadline period. The regular deadline is January 26 with an extended deadline of February 16 and final deadline is March 1.