The NY Egotist Launches, Takes Slightly Different Approach

By Kiran Aditham 

We’re giving a shout out to one of our frequent contributors by letting you know that the Egotist Network has finally set foot in New York. With the launch of this latest incarnation, the group is changing up its focus a bit, with the goal being to highlight the convergence of marketing and tech as well as the local startup scene. Here are some Q’s the NYC operation hopes to answer on a regular basis.

-What tech startups can help my marketing agency go digital?
-What marketing agencies can my tech startup help go digital?
-What sexy startups should my VC firm back?
-How the hell do I get funding?


Yes, and you can also look forward to more exclusive Egotist field reports on AgencySpy in the coming weeks/months. Welcome to the Big Apple, folks.