Draftfcb CCO Sherlock Transitioning into International Role

By Kiran Aditham 

The search is underway for a new chief creative officer at Draftfcb Chicago as Rob Sherlock, who’s held the CCO post for four years give or take is ready to take on a more “international role” at the agency. The move, which we’ve been told was “driven” by the man himself, isn’t an immediate one, though, as he’s now assisting in Draft’s search for a new creative lead, which could take several months. After the jump, you can read the Sherlock-related memo sent by Draftfcb Chicago president Michael Fassnacht to staff this morning…

From:    Michael Fassnacht


Re:         Rob Sherlock’s Next Move
Date:     March 8, 2011
As you might know, Rob Sherlock is a man of many moves – this English-born, South African-raised New Zealander was based in Asia and as Regional Creative Director led all of our creative efforts for this emerging region before coming to Chicago as Chief Creative Officer in 2007.

Over the past four years Rob has grown, inspired and championed our creative efforts here in Chicago. He has been the guiding spirit and leading driver of our creative integration, building a talented department of Renaissance practitioners, or generalist/specialists, as Rob likes to call them.

Under his leadership, we have won more than 100 awards; pitched, created and launched business-building work for countless clients; and have greatly expanded our creative offering beyond the traditional to develop our strength in mobile, digital, multicultural, promotion and retail, among others. We’ve worked hard, and thanks to Rob, we’ve had a lot of fun in the process.

Well, he’ll be on the move again in the coming months.

Late last year he expressed his desire to return to a more international role. But not straightaway. Our first priority is to find a new CCO and make sure the reins of the creative department are handed over as seamlessly as possible. Rob is committed to helping make this happen.

It’s an exciting time for the agency – and for Rob. When this transition happens, the network will benefit from Rob applying his many creative talents to key international assignments. In the meantime, Rob will remain very much in charge of our creative output in Chicago.

So for now, please join me in thanking our mate for all he has done for the agency to date, and when the time comes, wishing him all the best as he assumes his international responsibilities.

Best, Michael