The Morning News Out Of DraftFCB

By SuperSpy 

The staunchest crusader against all things DraftFCB, George Parker, noted on his blog this Friday that twenty-five people were escorted off the agency’s property.

Meanwhile, Draft has appointed Tito Favino to the new position of deputy director of international planning. The department oversees planning for the Draftfcb global network with the exception of the US. Hell, maybe the US needs it. Maybe, not the New York office, but everyone else? Don’t leave them out!

The agency is also set to launch their newest effort for KFC, a sort of ARG if you will. In this instance, consumers are being challenged to find a secret image in both the point-of-purchase in-store advertising for the KFC Snacker and in a new commercial that has three teenagers discussing the value of a dollar and the KFC Snacker’s 99-cent price tag.

What about people? Eight year veteran of Draft, Nancy Grebey, (she was the Managing Director of the Verizon account) has bailed on the shop to join G2 Direct & Digital to lead its Financial Services Practice.

And even farther afield in the world of Draft is the little noted fact that US Lacrosse, the Baltimore based national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, announced the addition of Bill Schoonmaker as Chief Operating Officer. Schoonmaker was once Vice President and Management Director for 361° Sports + Event Marketing at the Draft unit..