Leo Burnett Needs To Listen Up

By SuperSpy 

Ha! We got a tip last week saying that Leo Burnett was going to start making staffers adhere to a dress code. We ignored it as our lovely in-house spy at Burnett confirmed it was a hoax. Other bloggers typed it up along with the accompanying in-house ad (see above).

Burnett President Rich Stoddart told AdAge that the spoof was part of a larger campaign designed to improve the agency’s workplace.

“Our ‘Got a better idea?’ campaign has a really simple objective — to encourage the flow of ideas from the people who work here, on how we can improve our agency. Part one of the campaign, ‘Dress for Success,’ as provocative as it is, is very deliberately, tongue in cheek!”

Wow. Here’s an idea Burnett… listen to your staffers. Quit the cute campaigns and just LISTEN! I’m positive that every single one of your staff members knows of at least one way to improve either the creative output, the company’s productivity level, the agency’s sustainability practice (inside and out); gaming unit (wait, you don’t have one do you?), mobile and social media practices, benefits, time-off, maternity leave, hiring procedures, inner office communication, client billing, pitches; cultural inisghts and trend hunting segments, and yes, maybe the dress code, too.