The Job Ticker is Crispin’s Way of Reminding Staff to Work, Despite “Fingers Hurting”

By Matt Van Hoven 

“Deep in the bowels of CP+B”, where aderkind slave and toil right up until their little fingers get sore, a tool has been implemented to remind staff how behind they are on the latest subservient-bikini-chicken-shower-bike-share campaign.

Called ProjectTicker, the system displays “real-time inventory of all of the jobs active in the Integrated department. Translation: Timmy’s not getting that spinal surgery this year. We jest. More!

“It can be filtered by job due date, by account, by job-type (video, interactive, experiential, internal prods), by completion status, by CD or by producer,” per Alex Bogusky’s posterous. “It also features a status bar that indicates the completion status of the job. All of this is automatically updated through our existent jobflow status process. So not only is it a thing of pride for the agency &#151 in terms of the volume of work flow, accountability for that, and the diversity of jobs &#151 but it also helps to highlight the importance of documentation on production status. Plus it is poised to truly demonstrate momentum. The Ticker will be manageable via a kiosk as well, which will be positioned at the front of the department, and the view-type can be adjusted by anyone.”

Neat-o. Now if only they had a tool that prevents Burger King from approving every concept they mock-up.

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