Anonymous David & Goliath Staffer Prostrates Self For Client, Aka ‘Just Another Day in Advertising”

By Matt Van Hoven 

One of David & Goliath’s* clients is Mammoth Mountain, a place where un-poor folks go to spend their dough, swishing down the slopes. Long story short, a staffer dressed up as “Wooly”, Mammoth Mountain’s mascot, to greet said swishers as they departed for the mountain from LAX. For some reason, KTLA (local news!) was on the scene. It appears to be part of a “hard news” piece about the plight of American families trying to escape LA’s heat. But hey, it’s the holidays and the news is slim &#151 can’t really blame ’em.

OK it was “an important kick-off to the season event in which a viewer won a VIP package to Mammoth during last weekend’s inaugural flight directly from LAX to Mammoth.”


*When we originally posted this story, it listed the agency responsible as Goodby. That was incorrect, and our mistake.

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