The Isaiah Mustafa Blitz Continues

By Michael Musco 

We’re sure there’s many of you who think the Isaiah Mustafa-led Old Spice campaign has lost its luster, and perhaps some of the more recent spots have sullied the once-novel concept. But that hasn’t stopped Wieden+Kennedy from continuing to use its buff pitchman, who returns to dazzle the ladies and continue his role as  in this latest installment entitled “Fiji.” Does the fresh scent of Fiji make your man smell like a never-ending tropical sunset, personalized love song melody and a romantic puppy surprise? Mustafa says, “yes.”

Credits and an example of the print component after the jump.


Creative Director: Jason Bagley / Eric Baldwin
Copywriter: Eric Kallman / Craig Allen
Art Director: Craig Allen / Eric Kallman

Producer: Corey Bartha

Account Team: Jordan Muse

Executive Creative Directors: Mark FItzloff / Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company    MJZ
Director: Tom Kuntz
Executive Producer: Jeff Scruton
Line Producer:  Scott Kaplan

Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro