The E*Trade Baby Offers Parenting Advice

By Bob Marshall 

The E*Ttrade baby has been a divisive figure in advertising. As marketers, it can be easy to hate the cocky, talking infant. But, many in the financial industry can’t seem to get enough of the little guy (close relatives of mine included). It must be working for E*Trade and Grey NY, because five years after the baby’s first appearance, he’s still being used at the company spokesperson in all-important Super Bowl ads. It seems much longer than five years, doesn’t it?

Anyway, one of two Super Bowl spots for E*Trade from Grey NY finds the baby giving his father advice about planning for the future. It’s part of a push from E*Trade to highlight the company’s other, non-trading products and services. As the baby reps his favorite brand’s new offering of financial consultants, he’s interrupted to see a toddler acquaintance “speed-dating” newborns. It’s kind of an unsettling image, no?


In a statement, E*Trade Financial Corporation CMO Nick Utton previews the baby’s new direction away from pixelated webcams. “We’re focused on building on our momentum by ensuring the campaign remains memorable and iconic, and also says something new about E*Trade’s offerings,” he says. “This year’s approach features the Baby interacting with people facing important real-life events that trigger a need to consider investing.”

E*Trade’s second Super Bowl spot, “Best Man,” follows after the jump.