The CW Is The Lamest Network Ever

By SuperSpy 

I wasn’t going to post this, but seriously… what the hell is wrong with the CW Network? The finally have a hit in Gossip Girl. Finally. And yet, because more consumers are watching the show online, they’ve yanked the streams in an attempt to force viewers to watch it in real time.

Sorry, sorry, but is it 2002? Have networks gleaned nothing about the future of on-demand content? Plus, what about the strong evidence that shows that making programs available on the Web increases exposure which, in turn, builds an audience for broadcast episodes, thus increasing the network’s ability to charge more dollars for advertising? Idiots.

CW is backass backwards. It’s the little network that should be following the lead of smarter players such as NBC. In the face of CW pulling the streams, I’m going to go back to downloading full episodes from P2P networks where there are no commercials at all.