MindShare Gets A MAC

By SuperSpy 

As you know, MindShare has decided to totally reorganize their structure by dissolving MindShare Interaction and spreading its employees throughout the network. CEO, Scott Neslund, told Adweek that:

“Digital is not at the core of what we do. We are integrating it into the offering, but not at the center, because that would mean you’re no longer media neutral.”


Okay. That’s not what Scott was telling staffers at the mandatory meeting on Friday at Gotham Hall. The meeting ran a whopping three hours at which each division head spoke about what their section would be responsible for moving forward – complete with mind numbing, repetitive PowerPoint slides. Let the brainwashing begin…

MindShare leaders informed staffers that digital would be woven into everything the company does with a heavy emphasis on digital, digital, digital.

And catch this, Neslund said these changes were a “reinvention of the agency,” to the trade journals, so naturally, one bigwig told the assembled attendees that they would be getting MACs! As if a MAC is going to change the atmosphere, make folks more creative, um… more digital even? Way to buy deep into the Apple branding.