The Cost Of Rebranding Pepsi Is Ricockulous

By SuperSpy 

AdAge is saying that the Pepsi logo revamp will cost millions of dollars when it’s all said and done (design, implementation, etc). Millions? Really? You guys are even bigger dupes than Mindshare. Just a note, both Mindshare and Pepsi are paying big dollars for rebranding, even as they lay off employees.

We applaud an Agency Spy commenter, Victory26, who said:
“The fact that a company like Pepsico that has been struggling so mightily in recent years invests millions in an issue that’s so irrelevant to consumers and thinks that that is the solution to their concern is laughable. The bottom line is this company needs to convince an entirely new generation that soft drinks matter, and they haven’t been able to do that. Logos count for shit.”


Sigh. The logos are supposed to be fresh and hip, but feel like the 70s snuck up on the brand and swallowed it whole. Here’s another question… if Arnell has created 35 logos for Pepsi and still, the brand loses market share… um, maybe it’s time to stop using the agency?

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