The CBC Logo is So Hot Right Now

By Kiran Aditham 

Well, at least Cristiana Couceiro seems to think so. The Canadian Design Resource points us to what looks like a portfolio piece (above) done by the graphic artist back in March that includes the citrus-y CBC logo.

It seems Couceiro has taken a liking to the CBC design, which was actually the handiwork of Burton Kramer back in the ’70s. She’s now co-opted it for a new Stella outdoor effort for Mother London (example below) that’s been appearing throughout London tube stations.


Certainly not the worst offense we’ve seen when it comes to lifting an idea/logo/etc. But like the CDR, we too find it ironic that the Stella tagline is “Recyclage De Luxe.” Maybe Mother was just being extra cautious with a campaign where there’s recycling all around.

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