The Boys Club Says Bye-Bye To Boost

By SuperSpy 

From AdAge: “Pre-paid wireless provider Boost Mobile has eliminated Berlin Cameron United as its agency of record as it narrows the review for the creative portion of its advertising account.”

Remember when BC’s president Bill Grogan said he was aware Boost was looking for an agency for a singular creative project? Singular, apparently, means entire creative chores. There are two shops left in the review. Anyone know who? (IM: agencyspy or email: agencyspy at mediasbistro dot com).

In a statement, (don’t you love these statements) Boost noted their five-year long, positive relationship with the agency, during which time the customer base grew by 4 million customers. That’s a large figure, which has something to do with the broadcasts spots for sure. However, don’t forget about the rise in popularity of pre-paid service over the last three years or so, and Boost’s competitive pricing, as well as real-world marketing efforts. But, hell, we actually liked the recent Boost ads featuring Mickey Avalon and Young Jeezy.

“While disappointed with the decision after a five-year run, we wish them well,” said Grogan. “We recognize that an evolved business model, with an emphasis on retail execution, will lead them to new partnerships.”

So, Bill… What you’re saying is that Boost has a new, more nuanced plan that the Boys Club can’t handle? Isn’t that why Heineken bailed on the Boys for W+K? We’ve always said the Boys do their best work when the message is simple – sex, drugs and a basic execution of the idea of cool.