Fallon, Saatchi, The Shitter… Whatever.

By SuperSpy 

So, Pat Fallon left the building. Meanwhile, Saatchi is still doing that integration thing on the agency’s behalf. Big name staffers have bailed. Juniors have moved up and a few new faces have littered the Fallon floor. See it all here.

And yet, we still have questions. While writing an entry about Brazilian offices, we realized that Fallon very recently closed their theirs, which was dedicated to handling the Citibank account. Of course, Fallon lost that business to Publicis. Publicis of course owns Saatchi and Fallon. As Fallon was failing, Publicis convinced the brand to stay in the family. Good save boys. However, WE HEAR… that another reason the shop closed is because Fallon couldn’t pick up any new biz in Brazil. All of Brazil is talking about it. Now, we all know that the boys in charge would of most certainly been looking to keep that outpost open after the initial investment. They just couldn’t get any clients and that was that.


So Brazil is closed. WE HEAR… that Shanghai is full of Saatchi staffers now. There’s other murky rumors about Saatchi shaking up the Fallon network and as we get more details, we’ll post ’em.

And yet, the flagship in Minneapolis continues to fly the proud brave flag. They just completed the work on their new account, Equinox. FM is also moving offices to some new digs, which are supposedly going to be lovely and provide better working environments for creatives. Part of the reason for that move is that renters Duffy & Partners and have also been “spun off.” By the way, Pat Fallon and Joe Duffy remain close personal friends, but um… with the rightfully lauded Fallon out of the driver’s seat, wouldn’t you find some new digs and like fast?

The branding coming out of Fallon has strongly been – “We’re back.” And we really want it for them, but is it really going to happen or is Saatchi just going to swallow them whole? In five years, will Fallon even exist? We’d put our money on no.

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