Ogilvy Has A New Structure Coming?

By SuperSpy 

The one and only George Parker reported that Ogilvy New York is headed for a 10-15% layoff tomorrow.

We hear that Parker’s number is a bit high, but yeah, it’s happening. The reason? Apparently, WE HEAR THAT… Ogilvy is getting ready to announce a whole new structure to help them cope with the digital-heavy environment we now live in. We can’t wait to hear what that is going to look like and it’s nice to see that Ogilvy is making some changes, isn’t it? Everyone needs to adapt and hell… sometimes that means lay-offs. Sorry gang. Sorry.


When we used to have comments (SWEAR THEY ARE COMING BACK), many of you rightfully pointed out that lay-offs are the nature of the beast. Ogilvy New York? It just so happens that you guys are next on the chopping block.

Ps. Sorry for the typos in this one yesterday. We wrote it on the go and fassssst.