Tel Aviv Agency’s Marketing Idea Will Likely Get You Shot

By Kiran Aditham 

In what is probably one of the oddest marketing efforts we’ve seen to date (and that’s saying something), Tel Aviv-based agency Twenty Three has launched this crudely animated video as part of a campaign for some beverage called Water&.

From the looks of it, the parties involved are either mocking or have great sympathy for Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who spills his troubles to a shrink in the animated spot which includes a cheerleading Obama and various other world leaders in odd scenarios. It’s the kind of feverish imagery that would have Freud working overtime, but whatever the hell is going on, Netanyahu seems to have a shitty job. So, from the looks of it, the campaign calls for some brave, idiotic soul to videotape themselves trying to offer the man a bottle of Water& and win 10,000 something in cash…which they can then hand to someone else before they face a Krav Maga-styled ass whooping.


Via Ads of the World

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