JWT Singapore at the Center of Cannes Scam Ad Snafu

By Kiran Aditham 

A recent post on Copyranter brings to light yet another scam ad scandal, this time involving JWT Singapore, Cannes and Australian brewer Coopers.

The campaign for Coopers Premium Light lager, which includes the questionable ad above, won a Press Bronze at the 2008 Cannes Lions. Somehow though the ads have resurfaced on various sites, prompting a Coopers rep to claim that said ads were never commissioned by the company nor ever run. Among the rep’s comments: “Rest assured Coopers does not promote or condone disrespect for women under any circumstances. We are very disappointed that our product and company image would be portrayed in such a disrespectful manner. Alcohol advertising has strict guidelines that ensure we do not fall into disrepute by vilifying any sector of the community.” The rep, Frank Akers, then requested that the images be removed but he obviously wasn’t successful.


Adland, who gets props for apprising us of this, brings up an interesting point. Either it might be a scam or a brand rep from Australia has no clue what Singapore’s doing.

Whatever the case, Cannes must now be feeling some heat after both the One Show and D&AD put their foot down about fake ads. But fake or not, the creative’s tone and intent here sure reminds us of that awful Bacardi campaign from the summer.

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