Team Obama Likes Coke (the Drink not the Drug), Pepsi Trying to Narc Hope

By Matt Van Hoven 

PepsiCo has got to be concerned that very little of their new campaign has received positive press. Right? Shouldn’t they be at least a little perturbed about the latest straw &#151 after plastering Washington D.C. with “Hope” and “Optimismmmmm” and “This BJ is For You, President Obama” (we made that one up) campaign pieces, Time magazine reported that Obama’s crew are drinks Coke?

Hold on, Pepsi says their new campaign is all about the cultural change that’s accompanying our newest leader’s first term. Fine, and yeah it kinda does. But “Yes You Can” (and yes, the logo), well Pepsi’s borderline begging just isn’t working. Read more about the Obama crew’s love of Coca-Cola, here.


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