G4TV’s Exclusive Watchmen Preview Scant of Props to Creator

By Matt Van Hoven 

Warner Bros. action pic Watchmen faced a number of challenges from the start. Most recently the movie was nearly killed when a Copyright feud erupted between WB and Fox. And though that issue (and others) have been overcome, maybe the most disturbing aspect facing the film is the surreptitious brushing-under of the story’s creator, Alan Moore.

Ever since the Watchmen graphic novel was released nearly 25 years ago, the story’s author has said he would not take part in a Watchmen movie. Moore’s piece contains six story arcs, each with its own unique contribution to the big picture. One arc, called “The Black Freighter” will only be included in the Director’s Cut (which will be released later this year &#151 Watchmen debuts March 6). Another, the New York City street cornet, has been reformatted. As any fan knows, recreating the entire story in movie form is impossible &#151 and that’s why Moore wanted no part in the film. But that doesn’t mean his name should be hidden away.


Even the novel’s grand finale was changed from an audacious spectacle to…well we won’t spoil it for you, but it’s not true to form.

The whole situation was capitulated on Wednesday night when G4 aired an exclusive preview of the movie. A promo is posted above. We watched it and were stunned by how little Moore was mentioned. Yes, he wanted out of the picture, fine. But the audience watching the preview consisted (we’re safe guessing) primarily of Watchmen fanboys whose allegiances are to Moore.

Yes, the film makers say they have done everything possible true to the novel. However the exclusive preview (read: marketing strategy piece number 11 million) should have paid more homage to the man behind this amazing story.

During the course of the preview, Moore’s name was mentioned twice &#151 and even then, only in passing. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s just another way in which the Watchmen allure has been tarnished but what may seem to some a minute lack of foresight. To us, it was a big slap in Moore’s face, and ours as fans who want to see full respect paid.

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