Team Detroit, Ford Make Trailers for Their ‘Summer Spectacular’

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Ford “C-Max” 30sec from Musikvergnuegen on Vimeo.

To promote Ford’s 2013 fleet of car models, Team Detroit created a set of trailer-style spots, each paying homage to a major Hollywood genre. When a girl wants to get away from her clingy vampire boyfriend, she drives through the night in a Ford Focus. A city is under attack by a freak robot, and the man who saves the day drives Ford’s F150. Hollywood-based music house/mouthful Musikvergnuegen created original music and sound design for all of the 15 spots, giving them a more authentic blockbuster feel. Each ad feels spot on, showing how the majority of our current movie landscape is completely cookie cutter. My heart swells when two long distance lovers meet up for lunch because of their Ford Edges; I would watch the mysterious film about a “legendary” Mustang driver. It’s easy to get swept up in the sound.

Hopefully these trailers will show before movies in theatres; it’d be funny if viewers get excited. In the meantime, check out the spots via Musikvergnuegen.

Credits after the jump

Creative Director: Michael Priebe                                                                                    
Art Director: Jim Mahu                                                       
Copywriter: Russ Rinke
VP, Broadcast Producer: Ken Dumm
Production Company: Prologue Pictures
Directors: Kurt Mattila & Kyle Cooper
DPs: Keith Dunkerley & Juan Ruiz-Anchia
Executive Producer: Alexander Dervin
Visual Effects Company: Prologue Pictures

Editorial Company: Prologue Pictures

Postproduction Company: Prologue Pictures

Music Production, Sound Design & Audio Post Company: Musikvergnuegen/ Hollywood, CA
Creative Director/Sound Designer: Walter Werzowa
Senior Composer: John Luker                                                                
Executive Producer: Mariane Hwang
Mixer: Gabe Moffat
Engineer: Austin Hagen

Session Players: Mike Fonte (Guitar) & Gary Grant (Trumpet)

Key Software: Soundminer, Avid Pro Tools, Logic, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Native Instruments Kontakt, Waves, and Sound Toys