Team Canada Campaign Highlights Olympic Athletes and Community Heroes

By Kyle O'Brien 

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) is celebrating both its Team Canada athletes and a few local heroes in its first campaign leading up to the Tokyo games.

“Glory From Anywhere” is designed to inspire Canadians to be their best. The hero video highlights the stories of athletes like basketball trailblazer Kia Nurse, who fights for equal pay for female athletes, skateboarder Annie Guglia, who founded an all-female skateboarding collective, and gymnast Ellie Black, who came back after an injury to make the Olympic team.


The campaign also spotlights three non-Olympians who have made differences in their communities. Miranda Kamal survived sexual assault and went on to start a volunteer-run boxing gym designed to empower the powerless. Shawn Morris became a firefighter after 9/11 while Lee Martin educates his students on the power of being a global citizen.

“The COC believes that glory is found in the hearts of those you inspire to change the world,” said Jacquie Ryan, COC’s chief brand and commercial officer, in a statement. “We believe motivating generations of Canadians to create positive change is the most important thing we can do…‘Glory From Anywhere’ demonstrates that the potential for glory exists in all Canadians.

Ryan explained that core message takes on a greater significance in light of the pandemic, which is why the campaign features inspiring tales of resilience. “Our hope is that Canadians will see themselves reflected in this campaign, and realize that glory isn’t restricted by age, history, experience, geography, sexual orientation or a birth certificate. The potential for glory is in all of us,” she said.

The campaign features a mix of TV, digital video, print, social media and out-of-home advertising. People can learn more about the campaign and the individuals it features on a dedicated website. “Glory From Anywhere” was developed in collaboration with Camp Jefferson, the COC’s creative agency of record, based in Toronto.

The summer Olympics were postponed a year due to the pandemic, but they are currently scheduled to take place July 23 through August 8 in Tokyo.