TDA_Boulder Illustrates ‘Alternatives to Mobile’ for FirstBank

By Patrick Coffee 

When last we heard from TDA_Boulder, the agency envisioned an Amish paradise made possible, in part, by client FirstBank’s new mobile banking app.

Today we got some new and amusing creative for the agency to promote the same app. The point of this “three-off” corollary is that banking, like many other things, is more fun on your phone–just don’t tell your teller. As the brief reads, “Mobile banking is (relatively) fun.”

Things (other than banking) that are definitely cooler on smartphones than in real life:


Angry Birds


Facebook news feeds


…and finally, meaningless tweets. Tagline: “What happens in Vegas… gets hashtagged to a pigeon’s leg.”


Agency: TDA_Boulder

Client: FirstBank

AD: Haley Garyet
CW: Tim Kelly
CD/CW: Jeremy Seibold
ECD: Jonathan Schoenberg