DeVito/Verdi Gets Goofy for Coco’s Bakery

By Erik Oster 

DeVito/Verdi went the goofy route with their new campaign for Coco’s Bakery, featuring two 30-second spots created in conjunction with production company Backyard.

In one of these spots, “Cowboys,” two tough-looking cowboys marvel at an Angus steak, which they agree is “the real deal right there.” The two drop the stereotypical manliness, however, when the waitress arrives with Coco’s signature pie (they’re big fans). Another spot, “Big Baby,” misses its mark and crosses the line to creepy as two guys attempt to take advantage of Coco’s “kids eat free” deal. Stick around for “Big Baby” and credits after the jump.


Client: Coco’s Bakery, NY

Titles: “Big Baby,” “Cowboys” :30

Agency: DeVito/Verdi

Writer/Creative Director: Rob Slosberg

Art Director: Serge Machial

Head of Production/Producer: Barbara Michelson

Managing Director: Alan Brown

Production Company: Backyard

Director: Greg Bell

Producer: Candace Tomarken

President/Partner: Blair Stribley

Managing Director/Partner: Chris Zander

VP/Executive Producer: Kris Mathur

Head of Production: Emily Malito

Editor: Anthony Marinelli (ShootersNYC)