TBWA/NEBOKO Combines Video with 3D Animation in ‘de Optimist’ for Delta Lloyd

By Erik Oster 

TBWA/NEBOKO put together a technically ambitious spot for Dutch company Delta Lloyd.

For the spot, supporting the simple concept of a boy negotiating the dangers of the ocean on a small boat — “a metaphor for someone’s financial life, in which insurance company Delta Lloyd helps to respond alert to changes” — TBWA/NEBOKO seamlessly combined video with 3D computer images to create a convincing world. (It’s the Life of Pi of advertising guys!)


Shot in eight days in Almere, Heiloo and Texel by director Lieven van Baelen, with 3D animation added post-production, TBWA/NEBOKP clearly threw everything they had into this one. They even hired Olympic sailor Pieter-Jan Postma to give private lessons to the actor playing the boy in the spot. How’s that for attention to detail?

Since the technically difficult process is, arguably, the most interesting thing about “de Optimist,” it stands to reason that “Making of de Optimist” is well worth a look. Check it out, with credits, after the jump.

And feel free to give me Dutch lessons in the comment section. There’s some voice-over at the end of “de Optimist,” but I have no idea what they’re saying.


Advertising agency: TBWA\NEBOKO

Creatives: Bas Engels, Yacco Vijn

Agency producer: Pum Buisman

Strategy: Kees Kalk, Simon Neefjes

Account: Marianne Herweijer, Christian van der Ven, Karin Spijkervet

Director: Lieven van Baelen

Production company: Czar

Producer: Willem Bos

D.O.P.: Glynn Speeckaert

Offline: Manu van Hove

Special effects: Digital District, Parijs

Music: Massive Music

Sound: Kaiser Sound