Taxi Takes To The Open Skies, Naomi Doesn’t

By SuperSpy 

British Airways is launching a new premium trans-Atlantic airline subsidiary called OpenSkies – a take on the “Open Skies” treaty, which just swung into effect. Here’s a funny side note: the service was code named “Project Lauren” by the company before the new regulations took effect. Not sure why.

Anyway, the airline will now offer direct service between Paris and New York, and will later add destinations throughout continental Europe. After a review, the account will be handled by Taxi, New York and Horizon Media. BBH was also up for the account, as well as Publicis and Nitro according to AdAge.


Today, British Airways also just banned Naomi Campbell from their planes for throwing a shit fit at Heathrow. Bitch actually lugied on someone! Bravo to British Airways!