Brian Collins Is Back In Full Effect

By SuperSpy 

In case you missed it, Brian Collins has swung back into action setting up his shop inconjunction with The Martin Agency. His first HUGE piece of business has been working with the agency on the Al Gore branding and advertising campaign.

Collins’, one time leader of the Brand Integration Group over at Ogilvy, has named his new agency Collins. The New York Times did a spread on Brian’s logic for the Gore’ logo design. Regarding Collins, The Martin Agency is on the record as saying:

“In his new company, Mr. Collins will take a more radical approach to finding solutions for brands looking for innovative ways to connect in a new landscape. “It’s an open frontier, ready for revolutionary thinking,” said Mr. Collins. “Unfortunately, old-school advertising relegates designers to the tail end of the creative process–if we’re there at all. We will flip that equation on its head, placing design–and the customer’s real experience–at the beginning, the center and the end of everything we do.”


Love him or hate him, the man is a survivor and that logo is damn good.

Addendum 11:43 AM, April 8, 2008:
Oh christ! I knew this idea of the “me” and “we” reminded me of something! Dammnit, it’s the recent
Converse spot from Anomaly! Wow. Is that the collective unconscious working or a total bite? We shall never know.