Tanking Investments Call for Two Fingers of Jack

By Matt Van Hoven 

MarketWatch recently placed a Jack Daniels banner on their site that contained a countdown ticker to the market’s close. The ad happened to land directly across from the Web site’s stock exchange counter, which at 47 minutes before yesterday’s close showed the Dow down 459.25 points. Eek.

TechCrunch first noticed the happy mistake and poignantly asked whether this is really bad or really good ad placement. The happy mistake seems to ask, “Did you just lose another boat load of money? Have three fingers of sweet Tennessee sour mash, and pretty soon you won’t care.” Well, that’s what we took from the ad. And, even though we didn’t lose any money yesterday (mostly because we don’t have any to lose) we did partake in a few fingers of whiskey. Thanks Jack!


Click continued to see a few other poorly placed ads.

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